Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I know that I haven't updated for a long time. That is probably because there hasn't really been anything going on.

However, today was a very special day for THE HISTORY BOYS. Today, we performed the show for almost 2,000 high schoolers from all around the Los Angeles area.

Needless to say, we were a little anxious about what it was going to be like.

2000 teens + 1 dense script + plenty of sexual humor=POSSIBLE DISASTER!

I am pleased to report that my math skills (like always) were completely wrong. I can honestly say (and I speak for all of my cast mates) that this was one of our best audiences yet. They were attentive, on top of the references, and really responsive!

We had such a fun time performing the show, because it was like performing it for the first time.

If any of the high school students get ahold of this blog and are reading it right now, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making these shows outstanding. You were truly a great breath of fresh air!

We have one more student show tomorrow and I already know it's going to be wonderful.


Signing off,
Alex "Poz" Brightman

"You've been a very long way away. Thank you for coming back to me!"

-Brett Ryback as Scripps as Cyril Raymond from Brief Encounter (whew!)


betty L. said...

Hi! I saw the performance with my theater class today! (well, technically yesterday) and it was awesome! Okay, better than awesome! I just need a better word or a more expansive vocabulary...

Anyway, I had such a great time watching the show! The energy from the whole cast was fantastic!! Gee whiz it's just so exciting! I just really loved how the story came together and you really brought out the underlying message of the play.

You know what totally blew my mind (well, aside from everything else)? How the cast came out for the discussion session and you all didn't have accents! Man, you guys are awesome/convincing/amazing.

ajfdlerbg! My mind is going at 100 mph in 500 different directions cause I found your blog and I have so much I want to say! But hopefully you can get some of my craziness through the vast internet and I shall leave you to do whatever it is that actors do when they're not acting. :)

Good luck on tomorrow's (technically today's) show! Break a leg!

Robert said...

I will miss, I have seen the show three times now. Buit I will watch for future news of you in the future. Thanks for being so talented at such a young age.